Middle & High School Ministry

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Middle and High School Ministry

Middle & High Schoolers are special people and we want to invest in them! We understand that at the Middle & High School age, kids are at a crucial stage in their faith development so we want to provide an environment for them to learn, question, grow and make friends! 

Like the kids, Middle & High Schoolers are invited to participate in the first part of our worship service on Sunday Mornings. After the songs, they are dismissed to their group to hear a message at their level, have discussion and play games. We want to see young people’s faith grow in a safe and fun environment!

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Wednesday Night is Youth Night at The Lakes

Youth Night is EVERY Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00pm!


The goal is to help youth become disciples of Jesus and to have fun doing it!


We know that solid Christian friends and the influence of other believing adults

makes a huge difference in the longevity of young people's faith,

so we want to create an environment where both are fostered!


Details of Youth Night:


When: 6:30pm-8pm


Food will be served as Teenagers Love Food!


Building Friendships is key!


Different GAMES every week!!


Everyone Needs Jesus in their life!


Where: At The Lakes

New Comers and

Friends are welcome! :)