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Here at The Lakes Children’s Center, we offer a unique educational experience for children 8 weeks to 5 years of age.

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The Infant Classroom

8 weeks – 14 months

The Infant Classroom will be staffed with educators who understand the importance of forming trusting relationships with the infants in care. Infants’ unique needs will be quickly responded to with attentive care and reassurement. Caregivers will hold infants, sing/talk to them and make meaningful connections with them. Multisensory rich experiences will be provided, such as play with light/shadows, textures, and age appropriate art materials. 

The Toddler Classroom

15 months – 2 years

The Toddler Classroom will be inspired by children’s interests and their strong need for movement. Educators will find playful ways to expand children’s learning, speech and age appropriate independence skills. Children’s needs will be addressed in a nurturing way, including help with emotional regulation. The classroom will provide children with opportunities to build, create, sing, dance and develop strong attachments to others.

The 2 Year Old Classroom

2 years

The 2 Year Old Classroom will be a safe place to take risks and learn the power of autonomy. Educators in this classroom will be assisting children with learning self care habits with toileting, dressing, hand washing and more. The environment will inspire children to express themselves through language, dramatic play, art experiences, block play and more. Childrens’ curiosity and questions will be welcomed and encouraged. 

The Preschool Classroom / 4K Wrap Around Care

3 years – 5 years

The Preschool Classroom and 4K wrap around care will be an engaging, play-based environment where children will dig deeper into interests. Staff will expand childrens’ learning by providing discovery experiences, books, photographs and more. Activities will be designed to develop gross/fine motor skills, increase vocabulary and background knowledge and strengthen social skills and resilience. The staff will honor children’s needs and diverse learning approaches. 

Coming Soon! 

Elementary Age Care

5 years – 12 years

We anticipate to open our elementary age care program in Summer 2024.








2 Year Olds


Full Time Preschool (3/4)


4K Wrap around Care 



*Part time care details can be provided upon request. 

*We are unable to accept Wisconsin Shares at this time.

We are now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year!

Enrollment Process:

  1. Apply: Click the button below to fill out a short application for your child. Please fill out one per child. (You will need to create a Brightwheel account to access the application form).
  2. Tour: The director will reach out to you shortly after you apply to set up a quick tour and meeting.  The meeting will give you an opportunity to learn more about our program, have any questions answered and help determine if you would like to complete the registration process.
  3. Registration Forms and Fee: After touring our facility, you will be emailed a link to complete the registration process online and pay a one time $50 per child or $75 per family registration fee. 
  4. Start of Care: The director will work with families to create a start of care plan.
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